October 9, 2017

be nice.

h e l l o     &     h a p p y    t h a n k s g i v i n g

Life is good, things have been great. Lots of fun things happening, lots to look forward to coming up! Since it's Canadian Thanksgiving I have to touch on how grateful I am. I've got the best family, friends, husband, home & job and I am just wanting to burst with gratitude.

This photo is of our letter board in our kitchen. This phrase is too perfect! I've been thinking about this a lot as I listen to the Happier podcast and continue to read books about positivity and happiness. I realize the more we spread kindness and positive vibes, the more we will continue to see it where ever we go. ♥

10 ways to spread a little kindness this week!:
1. Connect with an old friend & invite them to coffee.
2. Smile at a stranger!
3. Compliment someone, or better yet...multiple people.
4. Call your Grandma, Grandpa, Mom or Dad!
5. Surprise a co-worker with a coffee.
6. Leave an anonymous note somewhere in your city.
7. Follow up & check in with a friend who you know needs it.
8. Leave a little extra love on social media.
9. Surprise your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend with a home cooked meal.
10. Leave a great tip for your barista/server

Now, I will try to do a bunch of these this week & you should too. Then next week, we repeat! :)

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