October 16, 2017

+ make lemonade +

happy monday :) - it's a chilly day in toronto (finally) and i'm so excited to share this post with you all, because it makes me very excited.

when i first heard of make lemonade i knew it would be a place that would instantly excite and inspire me, even hearing about the concept got me beyond pumped!

"Make Lemonade is a brand new, coworking space for women, in the heart of Toronto. Born from the idea that creating your destiny can’t be store bought, we’re on a mission to create a community of driven women who create, dream and get.sh*t.done"

last week i got to visit this gorgeous space in the heart of downtown toronto, and meet with rachel who is the talented gal behind it all. rachel was even more lovely, kind and inspiring then i could have imagined. it was so great to be able to chat with her and find out all about how make lemonade came to be, and hear more about her hopes for the future and sheer excitement of the response so far.

when i told rachel about my blog & brand, i explained how much supporting local, our community and uplifting others meant to me. toronto (& beyond!) is filled with so many creative women who i've been able to connect with in some capacity. i love seeing places like this pop up to help connect us all, and i personally left there feeling eager and excited.

make lemonade is a gorgeous, inspiring, cute-as-can-be space for women in toronto and i can't wait to head back soon! looking forward to planning some events with make lemonade & my work! also can't wait to head back to attend some of the amazing events that will be happening at the space in the coming months

follow make lemonade on instagram for some inspiration, and if you live in and around toronto you can stop by for a tour on monday, wednesday or friday at 11am -- there are lots of really cool events happening as well so keep up to date on those! so exciteddddd.

& now, a speak inside make lemonade:

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