January 14, 2018

happy new year + 2018 goals

Oh hello there, Happy Sunday and Happy New Year! It's been a while (oops) but I am beyond excited to be back in action and (hopefully) getting back into the habit of posting here regularly.

So, every year I make goals for the upcoming year! It's actually one of my favourite things to do. I've never been one for resolutions, but the idea of coming up with a list of things you want to try, explore or achieve has always been appealing to me! Esp since I am a list enthusiast ♥

This list is a work in progress and I am sure there will be plenty more to add in the coming weeks, but for now I'm happy to share what I've got. My list is of general goals, some habits, some dreams, and some that are things to do more often or try out.

I will say this too, that there are definitely some more personal goals I don't share on my blog or social media but are things I also hope to accomplish but like to keep to myself.

2  0  1  8     G  O  A  L  S  //

Book a massage or ten (finally!)
Get new glasses
Plan a girls weekend getaway trip
Get my blog re-done and give er' a little update
Try bullet journaling
Learn a song on Ukelele
Take a dance class
Read (at least) 12 books this year
Visit Carly and meet baby Ozzy
Take some classes/courses with my work learning credit
Practice meditation
Host a games night at our house
Cook more, try new recipes
Have more dinners at home with Pete
Listen to more podcasts
Write more letters
Eat more fruits and veggies
Plan our next trip/adventure
Do all the California blog posts I've got planned!
Do more hand lettering
Start putting delicious fruit in my water
Post on "cute by jules" Instagram more often
Explore new neighbourhoods and areas of Toronto
Go to Body Blitz for a spa day
Get a manicure at Her Majesty's Pleasure
Go to the movies more often
Do something cute & creative with all the prints/photos I have
Apply to get our wedding featured on a blog (I keep saying this!)
Post on my blog more often
Re-connect with old friends and make time to see them
Back up all my IPhone & IPhoto pictures
Practice more self-care and self-love
Take time every week to relax and re-charge

After getting caught up on my favourite podcast "Happier" I am also going to do another type of goal list for the year! On the podcast, they talked about doing 18 in 2018! 18 goals + things to do this year that can be checked off once completed. So instead of saying "I want to start taking more time to read" you could say "I want to read the book of Lykke" since that can be crossed off! I really loved this idea and am going to take some items from my above list and add some more to make my 18 in 2018 list. ♥ I am excited to have lots more awesome stuff to add.

Are you setting goals or making any lists for 2018?!

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  1. I 100% agree that setting goals is more appealing than resolutions. Good luck with your list! I think making very specific goals is a great step in the right direction toward actually accomplishing them. I think if they're too generalized then it's easier to be flaky about it.


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