January 21, 2018

i fell in love (with a coffee & flower shop) in san diego

// Happy Sunday Y'all.

I've been meaning to start my Cali blog post(s) for the past week and a half or so, and I am glad that I am finally getting around to it! As you can imagine I took a lotttt of photo's on our California trip. Between my IPhone and my DSLR, I can safely say we had all things covered.

I am going to be sharing bits and pieces of our trip for the next little while and tonight I am talking about one of the cuuuutest spots of our trip (and ever) Coffee + Flowers AKA Communal Coffee and Native Poppy- this was one of the first places I had found out about when researching things to do in San Diego and it most definitely did not disappoint.

As soon as we pulled up and the sun was shining down on the giant type reading COFFEE + FLOWERS, I knew I had found my spot. Pete and I grabbed coffee and breakfast and sat outside in their absolutely adorable back courtyard. We both had delicious egg & veggie type meals, coffees and then the most devine lavender/goat cheese + honey toast (ohhh emmmm geeeee)

Communal Coffee and Native Poppy are two totally separate businesses who join forces together to share one really big, beautiful, dreaaaamy space. As I walked around looking at every detail I couldn't help but sigh at the realization that this place was so similar to how I picture my dream shop would be.

Coffee + Flowers are legit two of my favourite things in the world and I am so glad we got to visit this spot. Very special and most definitely recommended for suuuuuure. I got some really cute stuff from the shop - a tote bag, an amazing soda class & a pretty necklace.

San Diego was sunny, friendly and filled with cute! Loved it. I've got my Cali posts coming soon, including one that will be all about the cutest store I've ever been to - Pigment

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