April 2, 2018

colourful L.A.

h e l l o   m o n d a y! ( &   a p r i l )

This is one of my final California blog posts, and today I am sharing some colourful snaps from our time in L.A.! We stayed in Silver Lake, which is a super hip, cool and fun area! Out Air B&B was amaaaazing and so very cool. It had such an awesome vibe so it was fun to hang there and listen to tunes, have a few drinks and just chill. Our hosts were beyond lovely.

We knew L.A. would be wonderful and filled with cool little spots, sunshine and celebrities! So many people had told us how key it is to have a car when exploring this city, and that could definitely not be more true! I've never been to a city that was more spread out than L.A. and it actually made me appreciate Toronto even more!

Our days were spent walking around in the (perfect) sunshine, checking out coffee shops, cool stores, restaurants and so many beautiful, bright colours! One of my favourite parts of Cali in general was all the inspirational quotes everywhere and all of the bright colours.

We spent most of our time exploring Silver Lake, Echo Park and West Hollywood. Oh, annnnnd I finally got to cross off a big dream of mine! A bus tour! lolz. I always try to get Pete to do one of these when we travel, and he finally caved this time. We did a hop on hop off tour of Hollywood and it! was! so! fun!

We saw a lot of cool shit while we were in L.A. and here are just a few snaps of what we saw! Surprisingly, this is the spot I took the least amount of photos!

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