April 16, 2018

for your rainy days!

Well, it's April 16th and it's still snowing, and freezing rain. Buttttt, here we are and as an eternal optimist I am hear to add a little sunshine into your gloomy days.

After a weekend of insane storms, crazy winds, snow, rain, hail and everything in between I had to get my sh*t together. After work today I braved the horrible weather to go get some cute af forest green rain booties, and a good, strong (and cute of course) umbrella.

// spring cleaning!
// go through those magazines you've had lying around
// read through cook books + mark some recipes to try
// do some baking
// listen to a podcast
// light some candles + meditate
// start that book you've been meaning to start
// re-arrange a room in your place to add a little spark to it
// have a movie marathon for some of your favourite flicks
// write a letter or a card (send snail mail)
// organize/go through your photos
// leave the house for a coffee (because that little break is actually so nice
// get inspired by some new blogs to follow
// listen to an old album that brings back great memories
// delete photos on your phone + laptop (+ back them up!)
// make a pot of tea, and relax with a couple cups
// buy fresh flowers (because when is this not the best idea ever?)
// colour in that cute colouring book you bought a while ago
// re-paint or spruce up an old piece of furtniture
// start a donation bag of old clothes, books, etc
// snuggle, cuddle, bundle up (live that hygge life)
// stay in your jammies all day, duh!

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