May 1, 2018

18 for 2018.

H e l l o   M a y ! 

Um, what? As we enter the fourth month of the year, it seems appropriate that I finally share my 2018 goals, lolz. Leave it to me to be so specific that I needed to curate the perfect list.

As I mentioned in a previous post about the Happier podcast, I loved their "try this at home" for new years resolutions/goals. I always love making goals and lists but sometimes it can be tough when things are so general. For example, how do you cross off something like "drink more water" or "take more time to read". I'm one to really love physically crossing something off so this really spoke to me!

I will say this, and that is that I do have some other personal goals that I prefer not to share, but regardless - these are all things I do hope to accomplish this year.

A few things already got crossed off as this has been a work in progress clearly(!!!)

Anyway, HAPPY Spring! Did you make any goals for this year? If not, why not try 18 for 2018?!

jules' 18 things to do in 2018:
1. take a dance class
2. go to trivia night
3. make a #whishwedding scrapbook
4. get a massage
5. learn a song on ukele
6. go on a trip to montreal
7. revamp my blog
8. read 12 books (2/12)
9. meet baby ozzy
10. go to karaoke
11. get new glasses
12. go on a road trip
13. submit our wedding to a blog
14. colour my hair pastel pink
15. learn to read tarot cards
16. start my own podcast
17. get my nails done at her majesty's pleasure
18. go on a little weekend trip with my mama

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