May 23, 2018

clean with me!

O h ,  h e l l o !

Spring is finally here in full force. I am loving the longer, sun-filled days. The smell of BBQ, lilacs, fresh cut grass, beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. I don't know about you, but Spring has that "new beginnings" kind of vibe for me. I definitely feel the need to purge, clean and organize that's for sure! I'm working my way through my own cleaning/organizing to-do list and I thought it'd be fun to share with you.

+ makeup and toiletries //  I usually do these every few months because there's always work to be done here. I like to see what I can get rid of, donate or give away and then figure out how to fit it under our sink while still looking nice (lol)

+ file folders and documents // This is one I've been meaning to do for a while and just got started tonight and woweeee is there ever work to be done here! I've started a pile of things that can be thrown out or shredded, and another one of things that need to be filed and organized.

+ cupboard + fridge // I think it's always a good idea to clean these out every few months to make space for unwanted items or things you know you won't use. Also, what better inspiration to get cookin' some delicious meals than a clean, full fridge of fresh goodies?

+ closets // We cleaned out our front hall closet and it's so nice having that space after packing away all of our winter gear! Cleaning the pantry was wonderful too. We also cleaned out out closet and donated 2 large bags of clothing to Canadian Diabetes.

+ patio/backyard/porch // We started doing this the past few weeks, and today I got to plant some new cuties for our garden patio area. I can't wait for this area to be setup with blankets, cushions, string lights and all the plants and flowers we can possibly fit.

+ an online clean up // - Back up photos, unsubscribe from emails, basically do an online purge. I really need to take my own advice here! I have over 25,000 photos on my phone (lol, yes. for real) I really really need to delete thousands of photos and back up everything I have. I also love doing a social media purge and email unsubscribing every few months.

A few more things to mention when it comes to your spring cleaning adventure:
  • Donate, donate, donate - there's tons of different places you can donate to. Pete and I just call up Canadian Diabetes every few months and schedule a pick up right outside our door!
  • Sell some stuff - either online or at local trading/selling shops that will give you store credit or cash for your clothes, shoes, bags etx.
  • Trade / Exchange - Me and my besties had a night like this a few months ago and it was so fun. We each brought stuff we had that we didn't want anymore and traded! Anything from household items, clothes, toiletries, accessories, books etc!

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