September 11, 2013

i love chicago ; part one

Chicago! ♥
As you know if you're a regular "life of a cupcake" reader, on labour day weekend Pete and I and our friends Chantal & Steve headed on a road trip to Chicago! It's been ages since I've been on a road trip, and one drunken night 6 months ago lead us in to planning this awesome trip. We headed out bright and early with a car packed with snacks, games, music and FUN!

I absolutely loved Chicago, thought it was cute as can be. It reminds me of Toronto in some ways which of course is a huge plus! 

Our whole weekend was filled with so many laughs and amazing times. I am doing three blog posts with my favourite photo's from the trip!

from the top :
  • i spotted these balloons with positive messages on them, and obvs got so stoked
  • loved this view just outside our hotel!
  • spotted this cutie little pig in the window after an adventure we went on
  • bert's car wash was calling out to me with cuteness! love.
  • tattoo life! our pal steve got a tattoo while we were there at great lakes tattoo
  • chantal and steve being babes on a bus.
  • a cutie chicago sign
  • pete with his free maple bacon cupcake from sprinkles!
  • i LOVED this border on the window of sprinkles
  • me with my cupcake from the ATM
  • just me and woody
  • crumbs cupcakes, noms.
  • my babe in chi-townnn.


  1. Adorable!!! I went last summer there & I LOVED IT!!! Glad you had fun babe! XO


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