September 30, 2013

street style : babes of toronto! post # 1

Happy Monday Y'all

So for like ever, I've been saying that I wanted to start a "Street Style" for Toronto! I am so in love with this city and it's filled with so many gorgeous people with absolutely amazing style. I work right on Queen West and walk to work every day. I pass so many Torontonians with incredible style every day, so I thought it was time I start documenting it.

I am easing myself in to this, and to start I asked a few of my babe friends to be my "firsts" -- I am super excited to share some wicked awesome street style brought to you by my favourite city. TORONTO ♥

Get it, girrrrrrrl.

This is Dave! Dee Rose. He's one of my co-workers and most awesomest friends ever. It's undeniable that Dave has great style. Some days he gets fancy and some days just super casual, but no matter what he looks daper as can be!

Dave and I went on a little adventure around the office, and our first stop was our favourite coffee shop Little Nicky's // we got our cups of joe and headed out for our little photoshoot.

It was a gorgeous sunny day so it was perfect for these photo's! Enjoy my first ever street style post! More coming soon!

Dave's wearing :


  1. Now you need a gentleman in nothing but those zebra socks and underwear. No?

    1. if that gentleman in nothing is you, then YESSSSS pleaseee :)

      ps - can't believe you commented on my blog. best ever.

  2. i'm jealous of his sweater. looks so cozy! :)
    Desiree, Mano y Metal


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