March 16, 2014

Cute Toronto - Anice Jewellery

Happy Sunday, loves!

It's been a while since I posted a "Cute Toronto" post, and while Spring veryyyy slowly approaching, it has inspired me to share more Toronto love & cuteness with you!

Today I am sharing my favourite place to buy jewellery in Toronto. Anice Jewellery is all about one of a kind pieces that are not only unique and beautiful, but so special. Britt is the owner and creative genius behind Anice (which is named after her grandmother), and I am lucky enough to be friends with such a creative and inspiring soul!

This adorable jewel boutique is in one of my favourite areas of Toronto - Kensington Market! It's a place that I always have to stop by when I'm there. When I walk in, I basically just want everything because it's such gorgeous stuff.

Britt creates new custom pieces, and also creates customers old treasures in to something new ("old treasures, new love"). There are also workshops available where you can create your own pieces, and you can also choose what you want on your piece of jewellery to make it perfect just for you! 

Pete made me the most beautiful necklace last valentine's day with the help of the lovely Britt! It was extra special to me because I knew he hand picked each piece to make it perfect just for me. I've also been lucky to score 2 of her gorgeous rings from Pete too :)

The most meaningful piece of jewellery I've had the pleasure of getting from Anice, was a heart pendant. My Dad passed away 11 years ago and I had his wedding ring and always wanted to do something with it. It was such an important part of our lives, and I always wished that it was something I could wear and have with me. When I brought the ring to Britt, she told me we could work together to make it something perfect. In the end, she turned it in to the most beautiful and perfect heart pendant with my Dad's initials (also mine) J.R inside. It's by far the most special piece of jewellery I own.

Well what are you waiting for? Check this babe out!
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When I was in the shop a few weeks ago I snapped some photo's as it was the most perfect sunny Saturday to do so! ♥ Can't wait to grab my next gorgeous piece of heaven from Anice.


  1. What a cute little shop! I love the displays. And it's pretty jewelry!

  2. What a gorgeous little store - I wish we had somewhere like this nearby. Thst little wooden tray of beads and other bits and pieces has my fingers itching to rummage around for treasures. Everything looks so tempting, really beautiful, well-thought-out displays. Love it!

    The idea of having a pendant made out of your Dad's wedding ring is beautiful.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers


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