March 3, 2014

hosting - making it perfectly cute

Happy Monday!♥

Tonight I am posting about one of my favourite things in the world : Hosting a party!

My most important party must haves! ;
  • Fresh flowers - I alwaaaaays get fresh flowers when I am hosting. Generally speaking I just love to have fresh flowers in our place. They always brighten up our place and just make me happy!
  • Paper straws - No matter what occasion, paper straws are present at all my parties. I have so many patterns and colours and I customize them with tags & hearts.
  • Pretty napkins - patterned, themed, cute-as-can-be napkins, give me allllllllll of em'
  • All the fixin's - Lemons, limes, cherries, mint, stir sticks, anything to make drinks tastier & cuter
  • Banner - I love my customizable banners because I can change it for any occasion and make it custom to the celebration. Makes everything feel more personal and special
  • Jars - I love me some mason jars. I use them for straws, drinks, flowers, everything!
  • The perfect serving dishes - I've got quite a collection of serving dishes and what better time to showcase them than when you're hosting? They are such an extra added touch.
Some photo's of my party/gathering set ups ;

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