August 3, 2014

turning 30

Oh hey there! I just thought I would pop in and say hello since it's been a few weeks since I last updated. I had a wonderful, fun filled, relaxing week off and am feeling happy and fresssssh!

My 30th birthday is in less than 2 weeks - Omg, I know right? I also can't believe it. So, I am kinda taking some time to reflect on my life and all I've done, and even more so what's to come!

Also, exciting news - I've got a new name for my blog! Finally. Can't wait to share it with you guys. I'm looking forward to the big birthday bash I am having downtown Toronto "Bestie Fest" ♥

I used to be beyond stressed about turning 30, but now I think I am getting used to the idea.

Things coming soon on the blog ;

  • NEW name and soon a new layout done by the lovely Lauren from Lauren By Design
  • A sneak peak in to our new apartment
  • Photo's of the happiest place on earth aka my craft room
  • More Cute Toronto posts
  • Post about our trip to  Cleveland

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