December 6, 2014

Cute Toronto : Blush & Bloom Studio

Happy Saturday!

This weekend is going to be a VERY busy one for me, but I wanted to share this post with you guys first. A few weeks ago I went and did a floral workshop with one of my besties, Sarah. She got me this class for my 30th birthday back in August and we just got around to going ; it was actually the most awesome night ever.

The workshop was at Blush & Bloom and it was run by Becky who is the talented beauty behind all these lovely creations! I found Becky a few years ago on social media and became a fan girl after seeing the absolutely stunning floral arrangements she creates. When Sarah got married in September 2013 I told her about B&B and that she just had to have flowers from them! Her flowers were absolute perfection.

There was only 3 of us doing the workshop and it was so hands on and lots of fun! Becky is adorable and taught us some really cool tips about flowers and putting arrangements together. The photo above is of the arrangement I put together during the class! How pretty is it? It lasted for about a week and looked devine, and I still have some of the flowers in a little mason jar on my dresser now.

Definitely check out B&B on social media to brighten your day! Her flowers and absolutely beautiful. And you can bet that when my time comes to get married, Becky will be doing the flowers for our wedding! I already gave her the heads up! Hehehe :)

Blush & Bloom :
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Here are some photo's of the gorgeous Blush & Bloom studio! We had so much fun!

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