March 20, 2015

International Day of Happiness

Happy Friday // 
Happy International Day of Happiness // 
Happy Spring!
Wow, today was a really good day! So many good vibes and wonderful moments. Surprised one of my besties with birthday surprises at work, went for sushi lunch with awesome buds, made mimosas for everyone at the office, and it was so warm and sunny in Toronto that I walked home from work. I ran in to 2 of my favourite people on the way home, picked up some fresh flowers, and a gift for a friend and there we have it, HAPPINESS! Here's last years blog post on International Day of Happiness!

Some things making me happy lately:

Waking up to the most beautiful skies, and being about the see the CN tower from my balcony.

This story was so beautiful - this boy Odin is turning 13 today, and none of the kids he invited to his birthday party replied to his invite. His Mom made a Facebook page and thousands of people have been sending him happy birthday messages and showing up to go bowling for his party! It's so refreshing when things like this happen and we can all focus on the good things that still happen every single day.

My favourite girl sent me this blog post this morning with the most amazing quote - "When Spring came there were no problems except where to be happiest" 

The Google header for the first day of Spring made me really happy today.

Simply searching the #InternationalDayOfHappiness hashtag on social media. SO much happy!

Constantly remembering why I am so lucky and having absolutely nothing to complain about. This print makes for a perfect mantra and I think everyone would agree!

Speaking of a mantra, I had so much fun writing my mantra for my blog. It perfectly describes how I feel about life in general and this blog! :

live life to it's fullest, and do everything with a smile. radiate positivity. always stay inspired, and inspire others. read more books, take more trips and always keep learning. adventure is out there! spread happiness every day and do all things with love. never give up and never grow up. focus on the things in life that make you happy. always say i love you. create, celebrate and never forget how lucky you are. cherish every moment, life is what you make it! 

life is SO good. Today and every day I am so thankful to live my life in a positive way that constantly brings so much happiness. I am surrounded by so many incredible people who make me happy every single day. I hope you found some happy today, and continue to do so every day.


  1. Love this, you are an inspiration, I have printed of your mantra and put it on my work desk!! Will email you Edinburgh things to do/places to eat over the weekend :-) xxx

    1. omg i just saw this now for some reason!
      THIS MADE MY DAY! omg you are so sweet
      and YESSS pleaseeeee do girly! i would love to hear your suggestions, i am sooo excited to visit!!! xoxox


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