April 20, 2015

Gold Sparkles Forever!

Happy Monday!
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of planning my besties mom's 60th birthday! It was a surprise and we did it - we surprised her! It was so much fun. For the theme, I went with a light pink and gold because these two colours go together so beautifully. I didn't get many photo's from the event because the lighting wasn't ideal, but I did spend a lot of time crafting for the party!

Below are some sparkly gold mason jars I made to use as vases for fresh flowers!

Sparkles make everything better! Hope your week is sparkly :) *

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  1. I love these jars!! What a ridiculously simple but incredibly cute idea. Also, I have a bit of an addiction with collection jars, so i'm always happy to find something new I can actually do with them. ;) x


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)