May 28, 2015

Our trip to Edinburgh - Part two

H A P P Y   T H U R S D A Y  ///

Here is my second (and final) post about our trip to Edinburgh. Oh how I loved this place, just look at these photo's. We got to experience such a gorgeous day!

After exploring the city a bit, we went to a place called "the baked potato" where we got (giant) baked potatoes and ate them on a bench in the most beautiful park. We kept walking and exploring and finding more and more lovely spots.

We got to see the Scott Monument which is special to me because my Dad was there when he was 18 with his Grandmother when someone he knew from back in Toronto recognized him! So cool. 

As you will be able to tell from these photo's, I literally lost my mind over the cherry blossoms because they were ACTUALLY perfect. Everything is just so beautiful in Edinburgh and it was perfect timing because the trees and flowers were in full bloom.

I took a lot of photo's of the cherry b's and was just in love. That smell! Oh, perfection. We went to the Grass Market, which was a great little spot with shops and restaurants and overall cuteness.

We didn't get to spend too much time in Edinburgh, but we got to see a lot during our visit. Pete and I absolutely loved the city! I would most definitely recommend visiting it if you ever get the chance. The people were just lovely, the city is beautiful to look at, there was good shopping, delicious food and just an overall really good vibe.

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  1. Beauuutiful! I love Edinburgh, it is one of my favourite cities, the people are so very friendly and if you know where to go, there is so much to do.xx


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