June 16, 2015

Whish Wedding! - Part One, The Ring

Oh hello there + Happy Tuesday! Today the sun is shining and life is extra happy and sparkly. I am beyond excited to share my first installment of many (fun) wedding posts! Not sure if I mentioned it before but once Pete and I tie the knot, I am going to have the most wonderful last name ever - Whish♥ I know right? My friends and I used to joke about me some day marrying a guy with the last name Christmas, so I could be Julie Ross Christmas and then I happened to fall in love with a handsome fellow with the last name Whish! That's about as close I'll ever get. I am so excited.

I'm going to call my series of wedding posts "Whish Wedding" (and our wedding hashtag will be #whishwedding) I am looking forward to sharing some tips, tricks, favourites and inspiration when it comes to planning my dream wedding. Now that we're engaged I am loving reading blog posts about weddings on all kinds of blogs, and I hope you'll enjoy mine now too.

So, first up - the ring! When Pete proposed (read the story here) he used his Nana's beautiful vintage ring to ask me. It was so special and thoughtful of him to do this and it was perfect in every way. Pete knew he was going to propose for months, and he wanted to use this ring so that I would be surprised (which I was!) We were never the type of couple to go "ring shopping" and I never really knew what I wanted so it's not like he knew what to get me for the big moment.

After Pete proposed he said that we could work together to create a ring that would be perfect for me. I started doing some research online, and looking at all kinds of styles to get some inspiration for what kind of ring I wanted. We went to Say Yes Diamonds in Toronto and Alan listened to us as we showed photo's and explained what kind of ring we wanted to get made. I knew I wanted a yellow gold band that would be thin, and I loved a round cut. Pete and I brought some of our grandmothers old rings to incorporate them in to this ring, and we will also use some of whats left to create our wedding bands.

I am over-the-moon excited about how my ring turned out! I can't even deal with how beautiful and sparkly it is. I keep catching myself looking at it in the middle of the day and smiling. I love that Pete and I got to come up with it together and that Pete made everything a surprise, which is much more us.

Yesterday on my way home from work I spotted the most beautiful pink peonies and picked some up for our place. They are just perfect, and I was excited to use these in my photoshoot of this absolute beautiful ring from my future hubs. 

Here are some snaps of my ring!" I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it"

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