August 18, 2015

Our Favourite Meal + Making Your Food Look Pretty!

h a p p y   t u e s d a y ♥

Life has been insane lately, and after a wild and busy birthday weekend and wonderland all day yesterday, I am feeling like it's time to slow down, relax and have some "me time" for the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait for Fall because I absolutely love that time of year. I am ready of cosy evenings, layered clothes, reading books, working on my blog, spend time at home, drinking coffee and just working on some really exciting things.

So for my post today - I am sharing (one of) mine and Pete's favourite meals to make! We have always loved a "snacky" type meal and change it up every time, but no matter what it's always delicious. Ideally, we will go to a market to get something local and fresh. And since I love the host and plan parties, this always gives me a chance to make our food not only look yummy, but also have a super cute spread before eating it!

Here are some shots of our cute-as-can-be snack spreads! // some of our favourite things to eat during our snack dinner: cheese (any kind and every kind ever), olives, pickles, crackers, fresh bread, cucumber, carrots, celery, bruschetta, grapes, berries, and nothing tops it all off better than some wine and fresh flowers (basically mandatory for a successful meal!)

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