September 7, 2015

Outfit Post + Daisy Natives + I Love the Internet!

H A P P Y   M O N D A Y!!!
& Happy Labour Day! Can you believe that Summer is almost over? Where has time gone? It most definitely doesn't feel like Summer is over in Toronto. It's been hot hot hot the past few weeks (and I am personally so ready for this to end and Fall weather to kick in asap) I am not a lover of super hot weather and nothing makes me happier than autumn (ok well, Christmas does..but I do really love it)

Pete and I decided to stay home this weekend because life has been catching up with us and we really needed to stay home, relax and just get some stuff done! I feel good after getting some things crossed off my to-do list (cleaning, organizing, an ikea visit, some wedding stuff, some ETSY planning, and best of all spending time with Pete)

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post so I stepped outside to our hood and had Pete snap some photo's on Saturday (even though it was SO HOT out!) There's not too much to this outfit, but I am mostly excited to share this sweet t-shirt I got from Daisy Natives - I am in love with this shop and the adorable shirts and head bands. Also, can I just talk about how I love the internet because it brings total strangers from distant places together? Sarah, who is the cutie pie behind Daisy Natives, found me on Instagram a few months ago ; we quickly learned we loved so many of the same things and were newly proclaimed Instagram Besties, we later found out that not only do we have the SAME BIRTHDAY! but we're also both getting MARRIED on the same day next year! How insane is that? I love supporting talented, creatives who put their heart & soul in to their brand! Sarah most definitely is one of those people. ♥

// Check out the Daisy Natives website
// + Follow Sarah, the cutie behind Daisy Natives on Instagram

+ outfit details;
- hat, H&M
- shirt, Daisy Natives
- cardigan, H&M
- necklace, Anice
- dress, Forever 21
- shoes, TOMS

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