September 16, 2015

life, lately...

Oh hey there stranger! Happy Wednesday! We're half way there ♥

I wanted to do a little post to say hello + I'm still here + give you a little life update.

  • Life is so good! I cannot believe Summer is pretty much over. When I look back at all we did I can't believe how jam packed and awesome of a time we had!
  • I went on a surprise last minute trip out west to Fernie, BC to surprise one of my beautiful girlfriends who was getting married out there. The surprise was incredible, and getting to be there for her big day was beyond special. Got to spend 4 days with her and a big group of my old co-workers who are the cutest/sweetest people ever.
  • Weddings is a key word, but we also just spent this past weekend at the most magical wedding for our friends Lauren and Pat, we spent the weekend with amazing people and got to witness one of the most incredible, special, beautiful weddings we've ever been to!
  • Wedding planning is coming around slowly but surely - Pete and I both agreed that we would take the Summer to just enjoy ourselves and spend time with friends and family. We've got all winter to sit at home and plan and craft :)
  • I am just about ready to say YES to my dress! I am going for my follow up appointment on Tuesday to show my Mom and BFF/MOH Carly. Ahhhh! I am so excited about it.
  • I am working on something REALLY exciting with ETSY! Like, I could not be more ecstatic and thrilled to share everything you guys! 
  • So many exciting things coming up on the blog! Summer and September have been so overwhelming and jam packed, but I can't wait for some upcoming posts like a bando giveaway!, my autumn goals, a sneak peak of my ETSY shop & prints, recipes etc.
  • Last but not least, today is 100 days until Christmas!

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