November 29, 2015

My Christmas Bucket List

Happy Sunday Darlin's
Pete and I had a JAM PACKED weekend of fun! We are relaxing now after a very productive little Sunday, the best day of the week ♥

So, you guys know me and my love of lists, goals and writing things down - and one thing I always like to do is make a christmas bucket list! It's all hustle and bustle during my favourite season, so I always like to make time to do some of my favourite things.

Here are a few snaps of this years list, I've already knocked a few off so far, and can't wait to continue on with the fun.

Setting goals can be really rewarding and refreshing. I like to actually write them out and physically cross them or check them off the list once complete! I generally always post my current goals up in my craft room and then also list them on the side of my blog, so that I can hold my self accountable!

Here are some of my Christmas goals ♥ :
  • Host a Christmas party!
  • Make mulled wine!
  • Get Festive Specials!
  • Go Skating (outside!)
  • See "The Night Before"!
  • Have a Christmas baking day!
  • Send Christmas snail mail
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon!
  • Participate in a Christmas card swap!
  • Buy 3 gift from local artists/vendors!
  • Go to the Toronto Christmas Market!
  • Have a Christmas craft day!
  • Post anonymous love around Toronto!
  • Watch Home Alone & order a plain cheese pizza!
  • Take a friend out for Pepermint Mochas!
  • Mail out all of our Christmas cards!

Do you have a list of Christmasy things you want to do this year?


  1. The night before was awesome! my bf and I loved it.

    Definitely adding the peppermint mochas to my list!

    Roses & Rouge Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love the Home Alone cheese pizza idea!!
    Steve and I are going to have a couple of Christmas dates (he's super busy with marking exams this time of year) and I think I'd like to check out a choir or some kind of Christmas theatre. Lol should probably go look into that.


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