November 1, 2015

My Favourite Breakfast!

Happy Sunday and Happy November! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it's November already. I had such an awesome and jam packed weekend! Today was especially awesome; daylight savings is legit one of my favourite days ever! having an extra hour to crush it was a game changer.

Today I had a little sleep in (ok, I was a bit hungover) grabbed a coffee, did some wedding planning for a few hours, then did a HUGE purge and clean of our place (and damn it feels so good!), went grocery shopping, and then made a nice dinner for Pete and I -- crossed two more things off of my autumn bucket list right now, and after this post that will be THREE in one day. Boom! And it's only 8:30pm, ah life. 

I wanted to blog about this, even though it's nothing crazy or luxurious, it happens to be my favourite breakfast ever.

m a s h e d  a v o c a d o + s o f t  b o i l e d  e g g s  o n   t o a s t

what you'll need:
- ripe avocado(s)
- bread/bagel/english muffin
- eggs
- salt & pepper
- lemon
- cheese

how to make your new favourite breakfast:
// to make the perfect soft boiled eggs, boil a pot of water, and then time your eggs to 6 & a half minutes. once the time is up, place them in a bowl of cold water for 1-2 minutes before peeling shells.

// peel and mash avocados in a bowl, add some lemon juice for flavour and to keep it green

// while eggs are boiling, pop in the toast and then spread the avocado on the bread

// after eggs are out of the water and peeled, place them on the avocado and slide them

// white cheddar cheese grated on top will change your life! salt and pepper on the top

And just like this, your new favourite breakfast! It's delicious, it fills you up, it's quick and easy and it's also a good option for dinner too! Pete and I are all about this meal lately. 

E    N    J    O    Y  !  !  !

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  1. omg I HAVE to try this! I love that the egg is still soft in the middle... yummy! Maybe I'll try it out this sunday

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