April 12, 2016

this & that

// You guys, I'm still here! Barely. Hahaha! With some big events at work, and being less than 50 days until the wedding, my time is spread pretty thin right now! I feel like I can barely keep up with all the things happening and blogging has basically not even been an option! I miss being able to update you all on fun, cute, crafty things! I will be back on track this Summer when I basically no longer know what to do with myself!

Things are really great though! Some how Spring has not yet Sprung here in Toronto but the weather man says this week & next week is when it will happen :)

I am SO excited because this weekend is my wedding shower with my friends! My besties/bridesmaids are throwing it for me and I am so excited. I have to say, since I am usually the one doing the planning and hosting, this is very different/weird for me. However, it's lovely and I know it will be just a perfect time! The fun keeps coming because the following weekend I've got another shower with family/family friends ♥ 

Oh & did I mention I am going to Vegas in a few weeks? YES! life is (so) good!!!


  1. You're going to have so much fun this weekend and in Vegas! So excited for you and all the great things to come! :)

  2. you are the sweetest!! :)

    thank you so much love! i can't wait.

  3. I hope that you have an incredible weekend in Vegas :)

  4. Or I guess I should say, "had" by the time you read this!


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