May 15, 2016

oh hello! + i'm still here! + 13 days 'till the wedding!

h e l l o  +  h a p p y  s u n d a y (!!!)
// You guys, it's been almost one whole month since I blogged (ahhh, so sorry) I cannot believe how fast time is flying and how much fun I am having! It's been an insane couple of months. Things have been really busy, mostly with really wonderful things.

I went to VEGAS for my Bachelorette with my best babes. It was actually the most fun EVER! I still can't believe we did it! We went on adventures, danced (and drank) our faces off, hung by the pool, made lots of new friends, went to thunder from down under (omfg, best ever), laughed until we cried, went target (died), stayed up all night, went to park on fremont, explored old vegas and just had the most wonderful time ever.

We are now less than two weeks away from our wedding! Can you believe it? I actually can't even. Things are really good, obviously we're still busy little bee's preparing, finalizing and putting the cute, sparkly finishing touches on everything, but we're loving every second of it!

Everything that is left to do at this point is our crafty finishing touches. (almost) everything we're using for decor was a DIY project/something we spent some extra time creating. This is my last week of work before the wedding! The week of the wedding will be a lot of prepping for the big day, and pampering too ♥ 

Pete & I are heading for our Honeymoon the day after our wedding! Spain & England, we are beyond excited to be coming for you. We're super excited to be leaving the day after the wedding for the trip. It's going to be an insane couple of weeks, but we're ready(!!!)

Stay tuned, next up I am posting about my new favourite Toronto wedding market - Rebash TO ♥


  1. Eee so excited for you!!! I can't wait to see how freaking CUTE your wedding is going to be!

  2. This is all so dreamy! I am so excited for you!!!


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