May 17, 2016

rebash TO - wedding & event market!

oh hello there + happy tuesday!

Today is 11 days until our wedding! ♥ woah baby!

This past Sunday I went to a seriously amazing wedding market in Toronto. I know that it seems crazy for me to go to wedding market two weeks before our wedding, but I obviously still found some more cute stuff for ours. (hahaha

I had to go to this market, because this wasn't just any old wedding market (come to think of it, I didn't go to any other bridal shows or wedding markets because none of them really interested me) but Rebash was different - it was basically all of the things that I love packed in to one really cute, colourful, happy place.

Joelle & Jessica are the beautiful ladies behind this whimsical market, and together they created a market that showcased their love for pretty things and event planning. This market was so appealing to me because so many young, creative and inspiring vendors were a part of it. When I saw who was going to be there I was so excited, not to mention the many new and talented people I met during my time there.

It was so fun to walk around and chat with so many wonderful people and to learn about their brand and the incredible things they were doing. Not only was it fun to look (and drool) over pretty things, but it was a really eye opening and inspiring experience for me. The last while (especially while planning our wedding) I've thought a lot about creating decor, hosting and planning events and if this would be something I might want to pursue in the future - and I really think it is! I am really excited to do some brainstorming and dreaming once the wedding and honeymoon is over.

BIG things are coming ♥

Here are some favourite vendors I got to chat with at Rebash:


  1. So beautiful pictures and inspiration, I love it :)

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