June 19, 2016

design your summer(!!!)

So, we're home! We're married and it's SUMMER time. Best Ever.

Lately I've been listening to the "Happier" podcast with Gretchen Rueben, who wrote The Happiness Project which I read a few years ago. It's been really fun and interesting to learn more about happiness and tips and tricks for little things we can do to live a happy life. I am really loving it.

One podcast was all about Designing Your Summer! I've done Summer Bucket Lists in the past but I am even more excited about this Summer for some reason. It's so true that you have the ability to design your life (and Summer!) so let's do this.

(  d e s i g n   y o u r    s u m m e r  )

I just took a look at our calendar for the Summer and realized quickly that we're booked up with fun plans for almost every weekend. We've got a bunch of cottage weekends (yay!), some bachelor & bachelorette parties, some Toronto adventures and celebrations and lots of good vibes. 

I always love to make plans and fill up our Summer because it gives me so much to look forward to. Summer is great because while we may be really busy and away on weekends, there's always lots going on through the week in the city so we make time for friends & family then too. 

Here's my summer to-do list (I will probably add some more to this too!)
- make our own sangria!
- go on an adventure with my DSLR camera
- re-vamp our patio
- go to the toronto flower market!
- go to a toronto FC game
- get ice cream from bang bang 
- make our own iced coffees
- host friends over for a delicious meal
- go visit chantal & steve's new house!
- go up to a cottage!
- sing by the fire
- buy goodies at a local farmers market
- have a family cabin weekend of fun
- spend LOTS of time at the park (bellwoods)
- go on a coffee shop tour of toronto with pete (& blog about it!)
- go to the ex!
- hangout in sarah & jay's backyard (& drink sangria)
- make homemade lemonade
- go rollerskating!
- try 3 new summer recipes
- spend as much time outside as possible!
- eat, drink & be merry on our patio more often
- read 3 books!
- go to toronto island
- get a new helmet & ride my bike in the city
- visit the toronto waterfront for the day
- make a fresh fruit salad
- go for after dinner walks in our neighbourhood


  1. I love this list!! I think I need to make one also!

  2. Ok I LOVE your summer to do list! I feel totally inspired to make one now (which will probably include a lot of the same Toronto-y things!) Aren't summer's in the city the absolute best?


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