June 12, 2016

we got MARRIED! sneak peak at #whishwedding

Well, hello there! Happy Sunday! Also,  WE GOT MARRIED!
May, 28th 2016 was the BEST day of my life!♥
If you follow along on this blog or any other social media outlets, you know that for the past year so much of my time, life & energy has gone in to to planning our BIG day. It's no secret that some of my favourite things in life are event planning, crafting and hosting parties - so this was obviously something I was beyond thrilled and excited to do. Pete proposed in May of last year while on our trip to Ireland (read all about the proposal here!) and we had just over a year to plan the perfect day.

Wedding planning was honestly SO much fun. I can truly say that I enjoyed every second of it. I can't lie and say that there was never any stressful moments or hectic times, but overall it was just wonderful. Pete was such a good partner in crime with the planning, he was very much involved in the decision making of making our day special and absolutely perfect for who we are as a couple.

The weeks leading up to the wedding were jam packed with fun, crafts, early mornings, late nights, coffee, red bull, glitter, more coffee, more glitter, A LOT of lists, just finalizing and making sure that everything was ready for our day. I had the week before the wedding off of work and without that the day honestly would not of been possible!

The wedding day could not of been more perfect. There were a few seriously stressful moments of checking the weather the weeks leading up (honestly, how can you NOT stress about this?) at first things were looking like thunderstorms but in the end we lucked out with the most beautiful day. It was VERY hot but the sun was shining and we could not of asked for a better day. 

I took everyones advice and tried to take in every single moment of the day. Everyone told me how fast it goes by and to do your best to enjoy it and spend time with your husband. I've been writing down my favourite memories in a little notebook so that I can remember it all perfectly forever. I plan to do lots of posts with every little detail!

The ceremony was one of my favourite parts. My two big brothers Joe & Dave walked me down the aisle to the song "She's a rainbow" by The Rolling Stones (my dad's favourite band) and it was just amazing. I could not stop smiling the whole way down and could see Pete's handsome face as soon as we started walking. The sun was shining, and it felt so special to have all of our favourite people in the world standing in front of us. My brother's boyfriend Mikey was the officiant and he did an amazing job! 

Our readings were read by Pete's lovely cousin Tobi and we chose all of them from movies; When Harry met Sally, Love Actually & Juno (I will share the ones we chose in another post!) When we were about to kiss for the first time as bride & groom, I had my step Dad Blair bring up a wooden stool he had made me to stand on so I could reach Pete! (he's 6'4 and I am 5'3) this was one of my favourite moments! As soon as we kissed - confetti cannons went off as our four friends were in the crowd with them! Everyone cheered. It was the best! We walked back down the aisle to Signed, Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder as husband and wife. Just thinking about this makes me SO happy.

Other special moments from our day include:Ivy & Jimmy being the cutest flower girl and ring bearer EVER (and just so cute and sweet all day long), our FLOWERS ohmygod they were perfect and I cried when I saw them for the first time, going around and seeing everyone for the first time during dinner (and all the cheering, so much cheering!), my brothers being our MC's and making me laugh and cry all night long, all the amazing speeches especially my bff/moh who is so shy but killed it, Pete & I's speech because it was just so fun and special to write, the balloons, seeing the venue all set up for the first time!, some dusk photo's around the venue, our VW van Photo Booth, our first dance we did a medley including I will by The Beatles, Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Michael Buble - this got a lot of cheers!!! hehe, and then Ignition by R.Kelly, visiting with everyone, having delicious drinks, dancing & laughing with friends and fam. These are just a few of the special moments that made this the best day of our lives.

We left for our honeymoon the afternoon after the wedding! We went to Valencia & Barcelona in Spain and then to London, England. We honestly had the most amazing time ever. It felt like we were gone for so long and it was so nice to just take it all in, spend time with Pete and also just reflect on the wedding and remember all the amazing moments we had. I loved exploring new cities and seeing so many amazing things, and taking about a million photo's along the way.

It's so nice to be home and back to reality. We spent the day cleaning, organizing, getting groceries and relaxing. Back to work tomorrow! We're already starting to book up all our weekends for the rest of the Summer and there's so much to look forward to.

So far, life has been really magical and I am beyond excited to be Mrs.Whish! ♥

Here are a few snaps from our BIG day! Once we get our photo's back from our amazing photographer Jess, I will share them on here of course!

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