August 11, 2016

top 5 things to do in valencia (also, our honeymoon!)

Valencia, I love you!
Oh hey there! It's been a busy Summer and I realized I still haven't blogged about our incredible Honeymoon, so I thought I better share some photo's and tell you all about it.

Pete and I left for our honeymoon the day after our wedding at about 6pm! I highly recommend doing the next day departure - it was so fun! ♥ After planning your wedding and enjoying the most special day of your life, there is nothing better than heading on an adventure with your new husband/wife to explore somewhere new and exciting as your first trip as a married couple.

Our first stop was Valencia, Spain. Pete had suggested it and since he (also) works in travel and knows his stuff, I trusted that this would be a great spot for us to visit. It worked out so perfectly that our first stop on our honeymoon was a gorgeous little beach city. We were really able to just chill out and relax in Valencia. We stayed at two amazing Airbnb's and absolutely loved our places.

We were about a five minute walk from the beach and close to a lot of great little bars and restaurants that were so wonderful. I truly fell in love with Valencia. It is so gorgeous and more of a traditional vibe than Barcelona. They are both really really amazing places to visit (Barcelona post - coming soon!)

Here are 5 lovely things to do in Valencia:

1. Head to the beach! - We were within walking distance to the beach from both places we stayed during our time there. There's a cute little board walk with shops and restaurants as well as little huts on the beach to get drinks and snacks. It's a huuuuuuge, beautiful beach and is very relaxing with lots of room to set up your stuff and feel like you can still stretch out and enjoy yourself.

2. Get Sangria, always (& forever) - In Spain the Sangria flows like water and since we were in full out honeymoon mode we weren't complaining. We had a really funny moment when we asked for a glass of sangria for me and the waiter came over with a giant pitcher! We laughed so hard and then sat in the sunshine and drank it all (obvi) 

3. Spend the afternoon at Jardin de Monforte (flower garden) - Ok honestly this was one of my favourite places I've been in the world. Pete took me to this garden where I literally lost my mind, and took about 200+ photo's. It was absolutely gorgeous, I am talkin' BREATH TAKING! We walked around in there one afternoon and there were only about four other people in there. It was so magical (also FREE to get in) Definitely one of my favourite parts of our honeymoon & best places of all time. You can see tons of photo's of this whimsical garden below.

4. Head to the market & have a coffee! - One of my favourite things to do while travelling is sit outside, while drinking a coffee and people watch. We headed to the market in Valencia which is Mercat Central and walked around (it's like St.Lawrence market in Toronto) we got some fresh strawberries and took it all in. Outside the market there are tons of little vendors and cafes. We sat there for a while drinking fancy coffee and people watching. Literally perfection!

5. Walk around the City of Arts & Sciences - Pete took us on a little adventure there and it was so awesome. It's a big outdoor area with amazing views and buildings. I loved walking through there and checking out some really cool architecture and amazingly unique buildings. We took tons of photo's and spent a good hour or two in this little hood. 

It was hard to choose just some of my favourite photo's because we had so many great ones from our visit to Valencia. It's definitely a really cool and understated part of Spain. If you're planning a trip to Spain at any point you should definitely take a little trip to Valencia as well (it's only about two and a half hours away from Barcelona!)

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