December 22, 2016

Gift Guide - Amazing Experiences!

Well, Christmas is only three days away (I'm already sad that it's almost over) but I wanted to mention a few of my favourite ideas for experience gifts to give this holiday season. These are also great ideas to keep friends, family, colleagues inspired in the new year.

I personally love working on my goals for the year and also learning new things, and making a list of things I'd like to learn, or new things I'd like to experience.

The experiences I chose below are ones near and dear to my heart because I have a connection to all the people/brands listed here.
g  e  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  d  //
Floral Classes & Workshops // Bloom School 

Becky is the flower goddess behind Blush & Bloom, I'm sure you've noticed me mention here on here and on my Instagram. You can see me gush about the legit perfect flowers she created for our wedding day here. Becky just keeps crushing it, her next adventure is Bloom School - a place to teach and train creatives to follow their flower dreams. I 100% want to take a Bloom School class in the new year and am such a huge fan of Becky and her team. An inspiring crew who will most definitely inspire you, too!

 Photoshoot // Shutterbug

Shutterbug is an amazing platform that connects you to incredible, professional photographers. You can book photoshoots by the hour and give a gift card for a photoshoot too! I love the idea of giving a gift card to someone who could use some incredible photo's. It could be for a birthday party, an engagement, a proposal, updated family photo's, literally anything! Shutterbug will come to where ever your shoot is taking place and capture every special little detail. Not only that, but you'll photos will be ready and edited in 24 hours! My favourite shoots are the ones where the photographers come in to your home to capture every day life with family, friends, husbands etc

Brand it beautiful // Studio Bicyclette

I've been following along and swooning over Paige from Studio Bicyclette's adventures for years. This year I had the pleasure of meeting her and she's just as wonderful as I imagined. I also had the opportunity to attend one of Paige & Alyssa's social workshops. I learned so much about brand strategy and social media and was left feeling more inspired than ever. Paige's Instagram and website are a magical whimsical dream. She offers an amazing course called "Brand it beautiful" - she'll help you style your brand and share your story.

Jewellery Making Workshop // Anice

Britt is the mastermind behind Anice, a jewellery brand that's motto is "old treasures, new love" - she has created some of my favourite pieces and is always coming up with new and exciting ways to make new jewellery, and re-create vintage pieces. Britt turned my Dad's gold band wedding ring in to a heart pendant for me and it's one of the most special things I own. For our wedding I used my Grandmother's pearls to make a custom modern necklace for my Mom and I. Britt does workshops in her studio(s) where babes can get together to create custom pieces (oh and drink wine and have snacks!) I am planning on taking my bridesbabes in for one in the new year!

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