December 19, 2016

6 days until christmas + last minute stocking stuffer ideas!

You guys! Christmas is only six days away. I know I say this every year, but honestly time just flies by too fast and before you know it another Christmas has come and gone. I had so many fun posts I wanted to share with you guys but then life happened, to the max.

Pete and I get our house tomorrow (omfg!) and we are so pumped. However, this has made for a very insane December for us. We are still finishing up packing (between all of our billions of Christmas parties) and this week we get the place and will do some painting. We officially move in on December 28th ♥

For now I thought I'd share a few last minute stocking stuffer ideas with y'all. I love stockings! One of my favourite things to do is buy stocking stuffers for Pete.

1. lottery tickets
2. mini bottle(s) of booze
3. tea & coffee
4. mini notebook
5. chapstick
6. hand cream
7. spices + fancy salts & peppers
8. nice warm sockssocks
9. candles/tealights
10. playing cards
11. enamel pin(s)
12. luggage tag
13. matches/a ligher
14. jack knife
15. bottle opener
16. mints in a tin
17. nail polish
18. nail file
19. lipgloss
20. change purse
21. squish gummies
22. washii tape
23. honey/jam/sauce
24. keychain
25. saje wellness sprays
26. mini toiletries
27. itunes gift card
28. tea infuser
29. hand sanitizer
30. mini kleenex


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