February 8, 2018

new blog look. same positive vibes

//  T  H  U  R  S  D  A  Y

You may notice my blog got a little makeover! H O O R A Y! Nothing drastic, but a little refresh because to be honest, it just felt like the time was right.

For a while I was exploring other blogs and websites to get inspiration and try and find ideas for what I should do next, what types of layouts are hot right now and make the most sense for me. Buuuut, something really resignated with me from The Goal Digger Podcast - they talked about when you're looking to update your blog/website, how you shouldn't look to others for inspiration, but rather think of other ways to find what inspires you and what will feel right for your blog. It's so true!

And you know what? I am a very simple girl when it comes to this kinda stuff. My blog has had the same layout since I started blogging, and it's actually my favourite type of blog to read. Everything you're looking for is right in front of you. Obviously the evolution of blogs has given us all the fancy widgets, suggested posts, requests for info for email lists and so on. But the truth is, I don't need all those things right now.

I'm a full time workin' gal who is absolutely LOVING her career, I've got a side hustle, a husband, and a fun life with lots on the go, and this blog is just something I do for fun! I hope to inspire people in some way, spread some happiness and positivity online, share things I love and think you will too, and post about things that are truly me. I promise you that what you see on here, the way I write and share on this blog are totally, authentically Jules!

I will say this, I am looking forward to this new little face lift and hoping it will inspire me to post on here more regularly! I was checking out how many blog posts I did in 2017, and it was only 40! I'd love to get close to doubling that number this year, and I hope you'll follow along!

Hope you're having a great week, we're almost there! ♥

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