February 12, 2018

valentine's day + netflix lovin'

h   e   l   l   o      m   o   n   d   a   y   ! ! !

It's love week, and if you know me then you know that I love love and Valentine's Day ♥ (a lot)

I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of shows and movies all about loveeeee! So, I've always liked Valentine's Day because regardless if you are in a relationship, I've always taken this as an opportunity to celebrate love of all kinds!

So, these are all movies or shows that are currently on Netflix (Canada) that I've watched and liked loved. Some are traditionally about love, and some are about different kinds of love. Love is love and it's beautiful in all forms!

Here's to a week filled with all of the love (and maybe some netflix, popcorn & a cosy blanket)

Here are sixteen shows or movies with the same common theme;   L O V E ♥

Drinking Buddies // Prob one of my fave movies of recent years! Olivia Wilde + Jake Johnson=♥
Forgetting Sarah Marshall // This one always makes me laugh and has the best cast.

About Time // This was such a sweet movie, and Rachel McAdams is so dreamy.

Beginners // Pete and I absolutely love this movie. I find it heart breakingly sweet.

Wedding Crashers // I've seen it tons of times and it still holds up as being awesome.

The Notebook // How can I not include this one? Gives me all the feels.

Sixteen Candles // One of my favourite classic movies. Teenage love at it's all time high.

Finding Dory // I remember sobbing when I saw this in theatres, a perfect love story about family.
Band Aid // Absolutely LOVED this one. Made me lol and was just such a fun story.

50 First Dates // This is such a sweet movie and Drew Barrymore is (always) so friggin' cute.

Love // Modern day love story with cute hipsters who are stylish and cute in every way.

This Is Us // I have no words to describe the amount of love that this show displays.
Love Actually // Christmas + endless love stories, what' not to love?

He's Just Not That Into You // This is a classic rom-com that I tend to watch over and over.

Master Of None // Aziz Ansari is love. Adore the entire cast and the vibes of this show.

The F Word // An adorable love story (that is filmed in Toronto) so double the love.

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