June 29, 2018

tell me something good

oh hello there, happy friday! also, happy canada day (+ 4th of july)

It's been a while since I did a fun little life update // good thing round up! Well, it seems as though I blinked and June was over, so here we are! Summer is in full force. Not gonna lie, as of now, this Summer is not quite as crazy as it has been the last few years so that is very exciting!

I love sharing fun little things happening or that I love, so here we go :

+ Happy on Mondays! // I am beyond excited to share I am going to be doing a talk all about happiness on Monday, July 30th! I am so so excited about this. I will be talking all about living a life filled with happiness and positivity and how I got to where I am now doing a job that revolves around making people happy.

+ Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney // This is actually one of my favourite things on the internet. I love Paul so much. As a huge Beatles fan, this def made me tear up a few times. CUTE AF.

+ Wedding fever! Did you know that I am planning five weddings this year? (oh. em. gee)  It's so much fun but definitely a lot of work. I am learning from every single one I do, and it's definitely keeping me on my toes and keeping me creative. We'll see if I continue to do them next year!

Do you like scary movies? Pete, my bro and his bf went to see Hereditary a few weeks ago and it was pretty awesome. Def has some really perfectly scary moments for sure

+ Podcastin' // I'm sure I've mentioned this a few times on my blog and definitely my Instagram, but I am starting a podcast! I've got the name picked (eeee, I love it) and have some somewhat of a plan, and now I just need to figure out the deets on the actual recording part, but it's coming...very soon.

+ This song on repeat // Soooo, do you ever just fall in love with a song? And you basically just can't stop listening to it, all day every day? Loving is Easy by Rex Orange County is totally my song of the Summer (and probably beyond! It makes me so happy :)

Enjoy your long weekend and celebrating whatever you're celebrating!


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