July 3, 2018

the june motel

h a p p y   t u e s d a y  &   h e l l o   j u l y!

A few weeks ago, my Mom and I headed to Prince Edward County to stay at The June Motel. We started doing a Mother/Daughter trip every year and I love it! I've wanted to go to The June since it opened last Summer. We tried to get in last year but it had just opened and was already booked when we wanted to go to PEC.

In the Spring, we decided we'd go back for a few days and stay in The June this timeé One thing that's for sure is that it's just as beautiful and instagramable as it appears online. I snapped a few hundred photos for sure and we were so excited to finally see this pretty pink spot in real life. 

As we arrived and spots the adorable pink doors, we headed to the (incredible) reception area to check in and have our glass of complimentary rosé (shouldn't this always be a thing?) The entire motel is curated with pretty patterns, rose gold, fun sayings, plants, and lots of pink.

After a day of exploring PEC with my mama bear, we came back to enjoy the lovely location. We sat outside in the amaaaazing patio area for a while and enjoyed some sunshine and wine. We sat outside our room for a bit and watched the beautiful sunset (see photos below!) and got some snacks from the front to bring to our room. They've got charcuterie type stuff to order and we got some green olives and truffle chips. We chilled in the room and watched movies too.

I brought my DSLR to take snaps to share with you all. I definitely recommend staying at The June, and will say that it books up faaaaaast (we went on a Sunday to Monday and it was really nice on an off day) so keep that in mind. && enjoy some pretty pics:

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