July 23, 2018

um, i am starting a podcast! CONFETTI CULTURE COMING SOON

oh heyyyyyyyy!

GUESS WHAT? I am verrrrrry excited to announce that my podcast is coming to your ear buds very soon! Yayyy. This is something that I have been chatting about for a while now, and was a (massive) 2018 goal of mine.

And you know what? I am actually doing it. For reals. It's a thing. I have been jotting down ideas in my notebook for a few months, I've been trying to get comfortable with my voice on my instagram stories, and I've been recording practice podcasts.

I hated hearing my voice. It felt cringe worthy and I honestly wasn't sure if I could get over that. Buuuuut, a few of my cute af pals from work lent me their mircophone and I watched a youtube video online about recording a podcast in garage band. Yesterday I spent over three hours recording little snippets of my podcast and ya know what? It sounded really great! That gave me the extra boost of confidence I really needed to believe I could do this.

So, what's this podcast all about? Well, it's called Confetti Culture and I am going to be talking about my favourite topic ever! HAPPINESS. Yup. That's right. I am talking about happy things, good vibes, positivity, happiness hacks and tips, things that make me happy, that make you happy and that make anyone and everyone happy!

This is going to be a huge challenge and learning curve for me but I am SO ready. I hope you'll join me on this adventure. And you can be I will still be bloggin' too! Girl's gotta do it all (lol)

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