July 16, 2018

18 for 2018 update!


So, it seems as though all of the sudden we're (more than) half way through the year! Woah! Annnnd, I made some goals the complete this year. After listening to one of my favourite podcasts "Happier" they talked about making specific attainable goals that you could cross off list. Instead of "eat healthier", one of your goals could be "try a new fitness class"

I came up with my 18 for 2018, some of which were big, fun things and some of which were little things. I have completed half so far but still have a ways to go!

A few of these are really in the works right now, like start my own podcast (I've got a name, and a plan and am hoping it's out very soon), I have been trying to spend more time reading and have read some awesome books, I got a book on learning to read tarot cards & have the cards!

Things have been kinda mayhem lately so doing anything in addition to what I already have on the go seems a bit unrealistic. Trying to take things one day at a time and crush it, and of course schedule some time to do nothing too.

Here's my list and what I've completed so far.  Montreal was lovely, my massage was good (but hurt quite a bit lol), I am loving the look of my blog right now, went to karaoke and sang some awesome tunes, got some cute new glasses, went on a road trip (to buffalo with my babe), have been rocking the pastel pink hair and am loving, got my nails did, and went on another amazing weekend trip with my mama.

Life is great!

18 IN 2018:
1. take a dance class
2. go to trivia night
3. make a #whishwedding scrapbook
4. get a massage  
5. learn a song on ukele
6. go on a trip to montreal
7. revamp my blog
8. read 12 books (5/12)
9. meet baby ozzy
10. go to karaoke
11. get new glasses
12. go on a road trip
13. submit our wedding to a blog
14. colour my hair pastel pink
15. learn to read tarot cards
16. start my own podcast
17. get my nails done at her majesty's pleasure
18. go on a weekend trip with my mom

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  1. This place is a very nice place for a wedding and worth looking into. While I didn't have my own wedding here, I've seen the San Francisco wedding venues in all their decked out glory. On a smaller scale, we had our prom there. This truly is a beautiful building with fabulous views.


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