February 27, 2019

joshua tree, i love you.

J O S H U A    T R E E    F O R E V E R (!!!)
I love Joshua Tree. This place is legit pure magic and I am all about the vibe, all dayyyy. Pete and I went to JT for the first time last year when we went on our Cali trip, you can check out that post here.

We knew we wanted to go back to Joshua Tree, especially since it's just so close to so many other great places! We couldn't imagine not making the trip back to see such an incredibly cool place. So, we did just that! This time we just stayed in a cute air b&b for two nights. 

It was very cold in JT this time around, and sadly it was amidst the government shut downs, although while we were in the park everything still looked so amazing and beautiful. Hoping things are all sorted and back to normal now.

I'll be honest, there's not that much to do in Joshua Tree, I mean in addition to the fact that it's the coolest place ever inside the actual park. In that case you could get lost forever inside the park, because it is truly pure magic.

My favourite thing to do is go there for the sunset. Pete and I legit chased the sunset this time (lol) we were actually running around to find  the best spot to see the sunset and take some awesome pics. It's safe to say we found it! It was literally frigid cold there but so worth experiencing something so damn beautiful.

Other favourites while in Joshua Tree:

pie for the peopleA very delicious pizza place! Even though you basically always have to wait an hour and twenty minutes to eat it, I do feel like it's worth it.

country kitchen: We really wanted to go here last year but the wait was always so long. This is a teeny tiny diner with the nicest people and most delicious (greasy breakfast) I'm gonna go ahead and say it, the hashbrowns changed my life.

shop the mesa: My new favourite store. When you walk into a store and the owner offers you a mimosa for while you shop, you know it's gonna be a good time. This store is so beautiful, so bright and curated with amazing things. I got some really cute stuff like pom-poms + palo santo.

yucca bowl: When Pete found out there was a old school bowling alley with a mid-week special I was 110% on board. I love bowling! Omg we had so much fun here, the people there were so nice and it was like going back in time. $1.25 per game on Tuesday's - best $$$ we spent all trip!

hoof + the horn: Loveee this shop, and loved it last year too. A really amazing mix of clothes, decor, pins, jewels, candles, blankets and beyond. I got some palo santo perfume, pins, and Pete and I got the most beautiful navaho blanket for our house (it was only $50 and is legit beautiful.

joshua tree rock shop: Bless Pete's soul for putting up with my recent love of gems and crystals (lol) I wandered around the rock shop and was really thinking about the special gems I wanted from JT because it's a place that channels a lot of good energy. There were SO many options but I got three gems that are super special now!

moon wind trading co: This is a newer shop in JT, and is kinda in the middle of nowhere but I love that about it. Beautiful curation of goodies, especially the jewellery. Honestly, I just loved looking at everything because it was quite dreamy.

joshua tree coffee co: We loveeee coffee, so much that we did was like 15-20 minutes for our road trip coffees from JT Coffee Co. Worth it though because they were damn good! And everyone was so nice, I love nice people.

giant rock meeting room + coffee house: What an amazing spot! New to Joshua Tree, this is a beautiful spot right next to Moon Wind Trading Co. The staff were so nice (nice people everywhere) and the coffee was so so good. We sat by the window and the sun was shining so bright as we enjoyed some really damn good coffees.

I think everyone needs to experience the beauty of Joshua Tree at some point in their lives. I feel super thankful we got to go there two years in a row! JT, do you love me? Yes.

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