May 15, 2019

we're having a baby (!!!)

B  A  B  Y        W  H  I  S  H
Ohhhhhhh wow! It's been a minute and it's mostly because of the fact that we've got some BIG NEWS around here! Yep, it's true! Pete and I are having a baby and we're due November 16th.

Words can't express how excited and grateful we are. The timing in our lives feels just right and I am so glad we can finally share this news with the world. 

These past few months have been really tough and emotional. In February I lost my Uncle Al who passed away from cancer and was living in Thailand, so we got to spend lots of time talking to him online before he was gone. Two weeks ago my precious Grandpa passed away at the age of 97 (talk about an incredible life) and thankfully we got to see him all the time, especially in the past year while he was in the hospital and nursing home. Both these people mean so much to me and losing them has been heart breaking for me and my whole family (Pete included)

But, in times of loss and heart ache, there is life and love, and I truly believe that our little baby is a tiny miracle here to bring us joy and happiness during such a tough time. Of course it would regardless, but having this to look forward to has brought us all the good vibes.

I have lots to say about the first trimester and how this has been such a crazy, life changing experience (that I am glad I managed to stay awake for, lol) but I plan to do a whole blog post about my first trimester and reflect on my first few months of pregnancy.

This is all so new to us, and every day is different. I am excited for whats to come and above all could not be more excited to bring baby Whish into a world filled with so many incredible people who will love him/her SO SO SO much. The support and excitement our families, friends, coworkers and community have shown has been so amazing. I have no words. 

SO MUCH GRATITUDE! More updates on our new adventure very soon.

Love you all. xo

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