April 22, 2019

earth day (!!!)

Oh goodness, it's been a minute! Seems like I just blinked and we were almost at the end of April.

I promise I will try and keep the posts coming a bit more often, but hence life is always booming with fun + such.

Today is EARTH DAY + I just love this place so much. One of my personal goals this year was to put even more of an effort to be kind to the world and try and make an impact whenever possible. I thought it would be fun to share some tips on how to be better to mother earth, a lot of which I already do and will continue to work on.

little ways to make positive changes and help save the earth:

// always have reusable bags with you - i always do, and love any excuse to buy a canvas or mesh bag. my new favourite ones are these totes from red sky they are so cute, and honestly hold so much.

// meal planning to reduce food waste - we always try to plan our meals for the week so that we're organized and also so we're not throwing away food or letting it go bad. always a good idea!

// use a reusable coffee mug + water bottle - this is huge and such a simple and easy way to be mindful of the usage of water bottles and coffee cups. i prefer the really tall tumblers with straws.

// shop at farmer's markets - any excuse to hit up a cute market and i'm on board! i love going to local markets in the city and especially love to venture to st.lawrence market on a saturday.

// switch to eco friendly cleaning products - there are so many great ones out there but my favourites are mrs.meyers, method, jr watkins, dawn + green works

// grow your own herbs and veggies - this is not always possible for everyone given the space, but even if you've got a small space you can grow some herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary.

// be mindful of the water you use - make sure you're not leaving the water running, only run the dishwasher when it's full, be mindful of the length of your showers etc.

// bike and walk as much as possible - living in toronto, this is mostly all i know. we walk anywhere and everywhere we can and i'm lucky enough to even walk to work!

// go paperless - there are so many bills and types of paper mail we can receive, make sure you've switched to e-bills for all of them to eliminate unnecessary paper.

// re-purpose old jars and containers - pete knows how good i am at that :) but for real, if you can save a jar or container and re-purpose it, it's making a difference! things you can clean and re-use are clutch.

// trade and donate - trading sites like bunz are awesome when it comes to reducing waste and getting rid of something you no longer need. also, donating clothes and goods to places like salvation army (i've got another few bags ready to be picked up in the next few weeks)

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