July 3, 2019

everything you can imagine is real

A few weeks ago I got to experience something really amazing! I got to attend The Atelier conference here in Toronto at Evergreen Brickworks, and it was *magical*

My wonderful friend Ericka from work and I attended together and it was such a special, inspiring day that I felt I really needed. The past three months of work have been non stop as I was planning my biggest event of the year, a charity event in support of SickKids. The event was a huge hit and after a last minute date change (due to the crazy rainy weather we'd be having) this conference ended up taking place the day before!

Thankfully, I was still able to enjoy the event regardless of everything else that was going on during that time. Since getting pregnant, I really wasn't feeling myself and letting my usual creative juices flow to the extent they usually do. Now that I am into the second trimester and HALF way there (omg!) I have more energy to focus on these things.
I find that going to events like these, where people you admire talk about their struggles and successes is always good for the soul. Hearing from so many wonderful people really made me excited for some things to come!

I have so many special moments to highlight but the main two for me would be:
1) Meeting and getting to chat with Sarah Nicole of The Birds Papaya (omg, I can't even)
+ 2) When Jillian Harris WAVED TO ME and said MY DRESS WAS CUTE (!!!) zero chill.

The theme of the event was LIMITLESS which I loved.

  1. without end, limit, or boundary.

Honestly, the conference was so well done. Everything was beautiful, just perfect. The food and drinks were awesome, you could get your hair and makeup done, there were flowers everywhere, everyone who was attending looked soooo pretty (and lots of other moms to be) there were amazing brands and small businesses there. I would definitely recommend this conference, it was just lovely. ♥

  1. I took lots of notes during the conference, a lot of which were things I probably already knew but loved hearing again. Lots of amazing quotes and words of affirmation from great people. I thought it would be fun to share these with you all!

  2. + All that is possible is possible for you
  3. + Have continuous quality time with yourself // self check-ins
  4. + Everyone deserves to feel - loved - respected - heard
  5. + Own who you are, live authentically
  6. + Come as you are
  7. +Your body is the least interesting part about you
  8. + Every single day you make decisions for yourself
  9. + Strength is getting back up
  10. + Know who your people are
  11. + Comparison is the thief of joy
  12. + Everyones success looks different than yours
  13. + Honour each other, be happy for one another
  15. + Lead with love (cc: Coach Carey, who is so amazing!)
    + Find success in your failures
  16. + Just ask, you've got nothing to lose
  17. + Spend time with people who are uplifting
  18. + Happy people make people happy
  19. + No one can be you
    + No ones got their shit together
  20. + Fake it 'till you make it
  21. + Find the balance
  22. + Don't be afraid to fail

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