July 22, 2019

tell me something good

Well, it's been a while (such is life) but all is really great! Feeling v. pregnant these days (especially with these "feels like 40" type of Summer days!) I'm now 23 weeks - almost 6 months! How nuts is that?! Time is flying by and we are slowly sure getting ready for our baby boy to arrive this November!

I thought I'd do a little wrap up of things I am loving lately.

stranger things season 3 // I've been a huge fan of Strangers Things since season 1 and was so pumped for this season. I hoped it would still be as amazing as I remember, and they definitely nailed it. I love the kids (now teens - *tear*) and it was so fun seeing how much they nailed the 1980's vibe! We crushed this season, and if you haven;t

confetti culture episode 14 // I finally recorded a new episode of my podcast and this one was all about our exciting news about having a baby! So much happiness, and a few minutes of heart break when I talk about losing my Uncle and Grandpa within a few months of each other.

booksmart // I am obsessed with this movie. Olivia Wilde is incredible and my girl crush for life. She crushed directorial debut and the cast is out of this world. A strong female made film and one I will watch many many more times over the years. I can't wait to watch it again!

joyful // I've been reading this book for a while but I am just loving it so far. Mental note to make more time to read (esp since I won't have much of that come this fall!) Ingrid Fetell Lee is so magical and helps you see the world through colourful, glittery eyes.

squarespace // I've been thinking for a while that I really want to switch my blog over to a new hosting site. It's time to retire from the bloggert days (lol, I know right?) The goal will be to host my blog, podcast + more all on heyjules.ca -- stay tuned, friends! It's going to be magic.

lizzo, all day err day // I am in love with Lizzo. Her music is incredible, it makes me so happy and want to dance. It also makes me feel like a boss. If you don't already love this incredible woman, get on it and starting rocking out to her amazing tunes. You won't regret it!

the bird's papaya // Last month I got to meet the sweet, beautiful, real af dream girl Sarah Nicole. She was as real, funny and gorgeous in person as I ever imagined. I love her instagram, she has the ability to make women of all shapes and sizes love their bodies no matter what, and it's f*cking awesome. She is a dream.

we're going to NYC (!!!) // Pete and I just booked a trip to NYC this August! We are so excited. We haven't been in forever and are staying in Brooklyn for the first time ever, and staying in a super badass hotel. This will be one last special trip for just the two of us before baby Whish arrives!


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