August 7, 2013

road trip! to chicago!

// wednesday night!

hello blog world, is anyone there? haven't heard much from you guys lately.
so, i have a confession...
i'm addicted to adventures! i know, i know. i just can't stop though!
if you know me or have been reading my blog for a while you know that i absolutely love to travel and always have some kind of adventure to look forward to, it's just my thing ♥

before we decided to go to paris, and before i won a trip to thailand, pete and i had made plans with another couple [who are the coolest&cutest] to go to CHICAGO!
we're going on a road trip and i am beyond excited :)  we're heading to the windy city on labour day weekend. i haven't been on a road trip in a really long time and both pete and i have wanted to go to chicago for a while now! really really looking forward to this adventure in just a few weeks :)

so, now my question for all of you is -
any suggestions of places to visit while in chicago?


  1. i've heard chicago is amazing! both my parents & my gramma have gone so i will email them now and see if they have any suggestions! the downtown/waterfront is supposed to be amazing and so different from toronto!

    who are you going with?

  2. We've been to Chicago twice now and loved it. We went in Sept last year and it was colder/windier than we expected, so pack a jacket! When we went we did a lot of sports things - Cubs game, Bears game (Steve's team) and then just wandered the city. I really liked the waterfront area, Wrigleyville, and the area near Damon station. I was lucky enough to hit up the Renegade craft fair last year too - it's sept 7-8 this year. And Pizzeria Uno is where deep dish was invented - you can't not have that ;)

  3. So fun! I live in Chicago and I love it! I have tons of places you could check out, depending on what you're looking for. E-mail me and let me know and I'll come up with a list for you! emily (at) ohhellolove (dot) com

  4. Lucky lady!!! I hope you have a ton of fun!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)