March 29, 2015

Celebrate Every Day - DIY Confetti Packets!

Well, Happy Sunday Beautiful! I hope your day was absolutely magical. I definitely had an awesome day (and weekend.) Over the past week I've realized a few things, and one of them is that every single day is a celebration. When it really comes down to it, not everything is ever going to be perfect, and maybe we don't always get everything that we want - but if you're healthy, and you've got a home, and a job, and people to love and people who love you...then you're truly lucky. Sometimes things need to happen for us to realize this, and it is always a good reminder.

Now, I am sure you've noticed that I really like celebrations! I like sparkles, and paper straws, pretty napkins, confetti, party hats, treats bags and any added touch to make a party special. I recently got a giant bag of sparkly confetti, and thought I really ought to make some confetti packets!
What you'll need:
  • a giant bag of confetti
  • mini clear goodie bags
  • a stapler
  • plain brown labels
  • felt tip pen
  • the will to cover your home in confetti
// took my giant bag of confetti, and stuffed each about three quarters full
// shake em off to get the confetti packed down and looking cute as can be
// fold bag in half and staple both sides down
// write a cute word or phrase on a label and stick it on!
// i usually add some washii tape over the top in the end too!

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