March 22, 2015

sunday smiles - hello spring!

Well, hello there and Happy Sunday! + since I didn't officially dedicate a whole post to it, Happy Spring! ♥ Winter was rough this year in Toronto and I couldn't be happier that the warmer weather is coming, and most importantly some sunshine!

One of my march goals was to fill our home with fresh flowers and plants, and this weekend I most definitely made this happen. I just loving having fresh flowers in our home, they make everything brighter and better.

Now that we've been in our new place for close to 9 months (woah, time flies) it's really starting to feel like a home. I love our space, it's perfectly cute and cosy and every little detail fits our lives and our personalities just right. Today was a really good day - I got so much done and felt extremely happy and productive #bossbabe 

Take a peak at some cute little happy parts of our apartment, lookin' floral fresh!:

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