December 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - The Best Bar Cart Ever!

hey jules gift guide ; for the best bar cart ever!

HAPPY THURSDAY, BABE! 8 days until Christmas! (What?!) Here is my next gift guide! This is for your friends who love to have a good ol fashioned party and host. All of the most beautiful bar cart accessories!

1 // casamigos tequila! - I am a new found lover of Tequila since discovering Casamigos! I had the pleasure to chat with Rande Gerber about a year ago about their to-die-for Tequila and since then I have been hooked. Pete makes me fancy tequila based drinks and they are just lovely. 

2 // kate spade polka dot glasses! - As a lover of all things Kate Spade, and specifically polka dotted (and gold is the icing on the cake) these glasses are just lovely for your favourite hostess with the mostess. Just picture a perfectly adorable cocktail in that glass, I dare you!

3 // shake, cocktail book! - My brother and his bf got this book "Shake" for Pete last Christmas and it is so awesome. We love being hosts, so we always like to try and make new cocktails for our guests. This book has a lot of really cool and delicious bevy's!

4 // dillan's gin! - I have a new found love of gin & tonic's - probably my current favourite drink. Dillan's (Rose) Gin is SO yummy and delicious, a great drink to make fancy cocktails with.

5 // copper mug! - I absolutely LOVE the look of these mugs, they look so lovely and even more so when there is a mint julep or mojito inside! These are a great gift idea and are extra awesome for anyone who has a super sweet bar cart!

6 // paper straws! - Anyone who knows me knows that I never have a party without some cute-as-can-be paper straws! They are just the best and make every drink and set up cuter. These are available all over but I usually get mine at Creative Bag now, great variety and great price!

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  1. A bar cart is an amazing gift idea! I wish I thought of this before i bought all my xmas gifts lol

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