February 27, 2016

5 quick hostess tips!

h a p p y     s a t u r d a y
Oh hey guys! Here we are on a very sunny Saturday. I realized it's been nine days since my last post (because I swear February has literally flown by in what feels like two weeks!)

I thought it would be fun to do a little post about one of my favourite things - hosting! I get so excited to have people over and to decorate and make them something lovely. I came across these old photos from when Pete and I had some friends over for brunch, and it made me excited to do it again, and also excited to share a few of my go-to hostess tips.

So here are 5 quick & easy tips for hosting!:

1. Always put out your cutest, best decor! The set up is what makes it so perfect. Bust out those napkins you've been saving, dust off what your fancy glasses and colourful dishes and make this your best spread yet!

2. Fresh flowers are a must! I think this rule applies to so many things in my life (haha) but nothing makes a party/meal/event better than some lovely fresh flowers. Find that little market near your place where you can get awesome flowers at a reasonable price!

3. Try a new recipe! People love trying something different, and love to know something is homemade. Try that recipe you've been saving for a while from a magazine or a blog post! Always plan to make something you've made before just in case.

4. Personalize it! It's so nice when you go somewhere and can see that someone was expecting you and making you feel welcome. You can make custom signs or name tags, or fill your home with things that are their favourites

5. Don't forget about custom drinks! If it's a dinner then making cocktails or having nice wine is always a good option, if it's breakfast, lunch or brunch then having tea, coffee, and maybe a mimosa or caesar because who would be mad about that? 

happy hosting you guys! I think I'm do to invite some friends over too! ♥

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