April 20, 2016

wedding planning + my cinema lightbox + liiiiiiife!

Oh hello there beautiful. I'm still here despite my best efforts of maintaining an online presence right now. We are now 38 days away from our wedding (omg, what? how?) and things are getting SO real and exciting.

Not going to lie, at this point pretty much all of my life is being spent doing wedding related things. I am constantly updating to-do lists, crafting, sending texts to my bridesmaids, emailing with vendors, picking up things we need, making Pete sit down and go over things with me (hahaha...he does love it though)

I know I have said it already and everyone can agree, but planning a wedding is a lot of work! It's kinda crazy the way it all works - as soon as you get engaged it's all hustle and bustle and excitement to choose a wedding date and of course a venue. After that there is some serious chill time, you've still got wedding on your mind but no pressure or real urgency. When you get about six months from the day, you kinda start getting your butt in gear and hammering out some details, confirming vendors etc. Then, when you hit about two-three months to go - things get legit crazzzzy! There is literally ALWAYS something to do.

I love planning and organizing things and of course crafting, so I've really been enjoying every minute of the planning process. I will admit I have been feeling a bit more stressed and busy busy as normal, but it's kinda awesome. I've got some serious lists to crush by the end of the week but I am so beyond up for the challenge!

I have to admit, it's been tough not to share all of the adorable things we've bought and/or made for the wedding that I am SO excited for. Butttttttt, this one couldn't wait! Can we please talk about how amazingly perfect this little marquee sign is? My Cinema Lightbox is too amazing! We bought one for our office at work & I instantly fell in love. Any excuse to force positive quotes on anyone and everyone, am I riiiiiight? They have black letters, rainbow letters & yeah you see it there, EMOJIS!

I cannot wait to use my Lightbox at our wedding! Legit can't even decide what to put on it (perhaps we will change it throughout the day/night? #DoMore) Oh and wait until you see what it looks like when it's lit up! I will be posting more photo's soon.

WEDDING PLANNING PARTY?! all day. errrrrrr day.

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