January 8, 2017

2017 Digital Cleanse!

d  i  g  i  t  a  l      c  l  e  a  n  s  e
Well, as soon as the new year start my mind gets filled with new, creative, fun ideas as well as things I'd love to improve or change. I don't like to call them resolutions, but more so GOALS.

A new year is a perfect time for a fresh start, and I truly love a fresh start. These aren't my 2017 goals, but are some things I've been thinking about doing for myself, and thought it would be good and useful to share with you all as well.

I really want to get organized for the year, and my 2017 goals will be up here soon I promise. Some of which will include social media related goals, but also spending time away from it more often.

For now, here are some of my 2017 digital cleanse ideas for y'all to start the year off right!

Finally accept that iPhone update, giiiiirl!
Ok, it's time. I've been ignoring this message for MONTHS and now I need to step up and just accept it. I really hate change (in some ways) and I tend to avoid iPhone updates as I fear things are going to change so much and I won't like the new changes. But, the fact of the matter is, it needs to happen eventually annnnnd more often than not it takes like one day to get used to it. So, there you have it, you heard it here first - I am going to do the update for my phone.

Delete photo's from your iPhone!
if you're anything like me you take anywhere from 10-30 photo's of the same thing before getting that perfect instagram worthy shot! This fills up your phone with photo's at a rapid rate. I am taking my own advice because I currently have 10,351 photo's on my phone. YES, that's TEN THOUSAND (lol, i've got lots of work to do!) And while you're at it, back up the phones on to a usb or your computer! I do not do this enough and if something happened to my phone I would be devastated. Ok, I am going to do this too, I swear.

Clear out that email inbox (or those if you've got more than one!)
This feels so good and is so necessary. Go through and archive, delete or file your emails to clean out dat inbox! Sadly, I have a few unanswered emails here and there on my accounts. Mostly stuff that came in over the holidays that I didn't get around to. It's always nice to go in to each account, and just clear our your inbox to start the year off fresh and on the right foot!

Unsubscribe from newsletters/brands you don't care about!
I do this every year and it's so wonderful. I feel like after a while every time I check my email(s) I am constantly deleting and archiving emails I simply do not care about. It just clogs up my inbox and
I am just opening up to an inbox filled with spammy newsletters and sales. I just sticking to the ones I really love and actually enjoy reading.

Find new blogs, websites, + instagram accounts that inspire you!
This is something I really want to take some extra time to do this year! I honestly love finding new, creative, wonderful, inspiring people to connect with on the internet. In some ways the digital world can be really overwhelming and overpowering, but it's also so damn great. I have made so many positive connections with people online and it's just so cool. I want to continue to connect with really great people, who inspire me and keep me a creative gal who wants to continue to learn and be better.

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