January 15, 2017

my favourite posts from 2016!

Oh hello there! Happy Sunday + I'm finally getting around to posting about 2016 and all it's greatness. Yup, it was a damn good year.

Lots of really crappy things happened around the world, and I really hope 2017 is a better year. But, I've gotta say - a lot of really seriously amazing things happened for us in 2016 ♥

I had some amazing adventures and good times in Toronto,  had the most fun ever planning our dream wedding, was spoiled by my friends and family with two beautiful wedding showers, got to go to LAS VEGAS with my BEST friends in the whole world for my Bachelorette, got MARRIED to the love of my life Pete on May 28th, went on the most dreamy/special trip ever for our honeymoon to Spain and England, went on an awesome road trip to Pittsburgh, celebrated five weddings!, got to be a bridesmaid for the 8th time!, got to MC a wedding for the third time!, had lots of amazing cottage weekends, got a new job, bought a HOUSE in Toronto, and so much more! ♥

My heart is so full, and I am feeling so damn grateful. Here are some of my favourite posts from the past year. Obviously a lot of wedding related ones since that was a pretty big part of the year ;)


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